"Future Day" for kids at the Industrial Park Walsrode

92 school kids visited the Industrial Park Walsrode for this year`s „Future Day for boys and girls“ (Zukunftstag für Mädchen und Jungen) on April 26, 2018. The visitors got a chance to take a look inside the production, laboratory and maintenance facilities and gather exciting insights into the daily work of our employees.

The young scientists immersed into the multi-faceted opportunities within the research and development facilities. They learned how to make a metal ball float in the air, what happens when you mix starch and water, why tiles do not fall off the wall and how you can turn a bronze coin into a golden one.

In the maintenance facilities, the kids could operate a secured forklift and used the fork to balance a ball through a labyrinth course. They also used a special machine which warms and bends plastic to form unique picture frames to take home. Everybody was very eager to test their skills and create something nice to bring back to their families.

Afterwards, everybody gathered to join a first aid training from the local Red Cross organization. The instructors taught the children how to apply bandages to an injured person and also some basic but live-saving reanimation skills. After a day filled with excitement and new impressions the kids had lunch together in the local canteen and were then picked up by their parents.