Wipak Walsrode GmbH & Co KG

  • Sector: plastics processing
  • Employees: approx. 600
  • Managing Directors: Luud Schoonbrood

Wipak in Bomlitz, an internationally operating subsidiary of the Finnish Wihuri group, is a leading company in the field of film production- and processing. Wipak ensures that customers from the food industry, the medical sector or the area of technical applications are supplied with qualitatively excellent films. 

Wipak is one of  the leading suppliers of stable and composite films with an oxygen barrier. Sterilized variants are also part of the program as are re-sealable systems and opening aids. In the marketplace Wipak is in demand as a partner that makes valuable contributions to the value creation and turns new ideas and concepts into innovations  for the benefit of the customer. Flexible and with the necessary resources Wipak is able to deliver excellent services to its customers, even in difficult situations. 

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