Low real estate costs, easy access to nearby interstates, in-park rail system, connection to the national rail network, short distances to the North German airports and seaports – the Industrial Park Walsrode is an attractive hub for logistics service providers and companies with decentralized distribution structures.

The markets in Northern Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe are already being served swiftly and efficiently from the IPW. The manufacturing companies operating globally from the IPW such as Dow and Wipak benefit from this central location with its excellent transport links, as do major logistics companies such as DACHSER, which operate their own warehouse capacities at the IPW. Additionally the IPW provides an extensive potential in the sectors of chemical and dangerous goods.

Via the Walsrode intersection and direct access to the A7 north-to-south running A7 and to the A27 interstates the major North German cities are within easy reach. In addition, the freight railway hub at Hamburg-Maschen in the north and Hannover-Seelze in the south are only 30 and 60 minutes journey away respectively. The same applies to the international airports in Hamburg (60 mins.), Hanover (30 mins.) and Bremen (30 mins.) as well as to the container transfer station facilities in Hamburg and Bremen.